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"It's me, President. What can I do for you?" Wen Xinting naturally knew that she had deliberately put some of the documents to be printed into the documents he was dealing with, and had succeeded in getting him to call her. She was just a little impatient, he had not looked for her once for a whole month, and every time she wanted to take the initiative, she was always frightened by his impatient eyes. Thinking of Yin Xiayi's disappearance not long ago, hum! It was Yin Xiayi who took away his attention to her! "Here are some documents to be printed. Is that so?" The night was not moved by her soft voice, but asked impatiently. In order to investigate that matter, his whole person is a little anxious, now Wen Xinting really accidentally touched the volcano. Shrimp? Startled by his impatient tone, Wen Xinting's original lines began to stammer, "President, I'll go over and print those documents, you.." "No need to come!"! Do you know what to do if you make such a mistake again? Hung up the phone with a bang, the night did not give her any chance, her little ninety-nine he can not be clear? He usually turns a blind eye. However, recently he is obviously not in a good mood,plastic pallet price, but she is still not interested to play these small abacus! Wen Xinting can only be hung on the phone, hard teeth, Yin Xiayi, I will remember these! This period of time, the night is not even looking at her once, all because that damn Yin Xiayi moved out, he snubbed himself! ——————————————————— The night looked at the scattered documents in front of him and wondered where he could find a place to copy them. It's not convenient to go out. I remember that when Wen Xinting helped him arrange his trip today,plastic bulk containers, she reminded him that there might be a thunderstorm tonight. It suddenly occurred to him that there was a printer attached to the computer in Weier's room! Weier for the'dark 'task, just specially equipped with a printer, convenient to print and the buyer's contract. But now, how he regretted that he had let her stay with him all the time in the dark! I looked at my watch. It was 11 o'clock in the evening. Looking at the documents to be used tomorrow, he made up his mind and went into Xia Yi's room. Holding the backup key, opened the door, Xia Yi slept quietly, without half a minute of feeling that he had entered. Gently walking to the front of the computer in the study, he tried to gently open the computer of Weier, which he had sealed for two years. Still remember the former Weier, like a kitten to him, "You are not allowed to touch my computer, collapsible pallet bin ,plastic pallet manufacturer, I am 16 years old, there is privacy." With an inexplicable pain in his heart, he began to copy the documents. Entering the computer screen, a "secret diary" file on the desktop caught his attention. Weier's diary? That's when she said to him, 'Privacy is'?!! What will there be? He suddenly felt how right Mo Ran's words were. Since Weier died in his arms that day, he no longer dared to touch anything about Weier. He just frantically searched for the person who killed Weier. Oneself, have always been a coward! After a moment's hesitation, the night still opened the file. A picture with a big smile hurt his eyes, this girl, unexpectedly is not Weier, but, Xia Yi! Although the face is exactly the same, but that kind of temperament, is completely different. The girl in the photo, dressed in her high school summer uniform, looked so cute that she waved to someone in front of her as if she didn't realize she was being photographed. Next is a big input password. The night began to desperately want to password, the original for so long, Weier already know the existence of Xia Yi. Then, what happened at that time must have something to do with this diary! Password, password, what could it be? He trembled to input Weier's birthday, but was prompted wrong! It's not Viv's birthday. What would it be? He tried to enter his birthday again, but it was still wrong! What is it?! Usually calm and deep, he was like a child, clutching his thick black hair with chagrin.
He suddenly saw the picture of Xia Yi again and had a flash of inspiration. Think of the investigation of Xia Yi, Xia Yi's birthday, seems to be the day before Weier. He inhaled slowly and entered Xia Yi's birthday. The message indicates that his password is correct! ——————————————— Date two years ago. Because today I accidentally lost my diary, but I am very happy, because when I went to find this diary, I found my sister! Her name is Yin Xiayi, and she is very cute. I didn't think I could find her because she looked like me. From that year, my mother told me that I had never seen my sister again after a big event happened at home. So, I decided to keep all my previous diaries in the computer. As long as you remember to save it, you are not afraid of being lost. From today on, I will write down the dribs and drabs in my heart. I followed my sister today. I hope she doesn't blame me. I really miss her and like her very much, but I dare not stand in front of her. I'm afraid she'll hate me! For as long as I can remember, I have been an annoying person. Every day in that palatial home, people everywhere looked at me with strange eyes and talked about me. I often go back crying and ask my mother why they don't like me and always call me a little bastard? Isn't dad the master here? My mother always looked at me for a long time before she cried. When I was 5 years old, my mother said she was sorry for me and let me be hated by everyone from an early age. However, her mother said she had no way,plastic pallet manufacturer, she was exhausted to let her father let her conceive a child. However, she was just an unacknowledged mistress of his, a woman like a snake and scorpion who used all means. binpallet.com