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Lake blue one is stupefied, these days young lady leaves raccoon bamboo Xuan at will let her forget this matter, "Hey, I don't know when to be able to solve the grounding." Lake blue is very depressed to lie on the table, even the delicate cakes in his hands suddenly feel no taste. Feng Qingzhi's eyebrows and eyes suddenly became eerie, and he looked out of the window with shallow eyes and did not speak. I don't know what method Qiuyu used, although the meal sent to Huanzhu Xuan recently is not so exquisite and luxurious, it is also very different from the previous one. After Fengqing had lunch, he went back to his room to take a nap. When I woke up again, it was evening. After the sun had sunk to the western hills, only a few rays of afterglow fell on the earth. -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Well, suddenly a little looking forward to the expression of Cang Wu when he knows that Liu is a man! Chapter 43 a deal. "Miss, you're awake. Dinner has just been delivered." Lake Blue was preparing to go into the room to wake up Feng Qingzhi for dinner. As soon as he reached the door of the room, he saw Feng Qingzhi, dressed in blue clothes. His black hair was not combed, but it was still supple behind him. His deep but clear eyes were a little sleepy and lazy, and his lips were biting with a faint smile. He looked at the already stupefied Lake Blue. Ah Would you like to have dinner, miss? Back to God, the lake blue in the heart of a dark evil, before the beauty of the young lady is beautiful, but also not to let her daze to the point,pump tube, but now the young lady, especially that pair of exquisite to the extreme eyes, as if it can speak in general, breathtaking, breathtaking. You can use it. I'm not hungry. She doesn't have a high demand for this kind of food. As long as she's not hungry, she usually doesn't eat. Lake blue found out her temper, not reluctantly,plastic laminated tube, "then I help you to keep a share!" "No, I'm going out later." Feng Qingchi leaned against the porch with a lazy look and said indifferently with his hands around his chest. Hu Lan frowned and looked at Feng Qingchi with a bitter face. "Miss, are you leaving again?" These days the young lady is more and more mysterious, the time in the wind house is also less and less. Feng Qing turned around, "The lake is blue." Clear as snow, deep as ink eyes looking at the lake blue, look a little serious, "I can help you find a better place." Lake blue temperament, too simple, is not suitable to stay in her side. Puff! The lake blue kneels on both knees, the facial expression is also unusually pale, "young lady, is the lake blue to do something wrong?"? Lake Blue will never ask about Miss again. Miss, don't let me leave! When he spoke, his ethereal apricot eyes were full of tears. With a slight sigh, plastic laminted tube ,eye cream packing tube, Feng Qingzhi lifted her up from the ground and comforted her by saying, "You have done nothing wrong, but you are not suitable to stay with me. I will find a better way out for you." "Miss, I don't want a better way out. I just want to stay with Miss." The lake blue cried. She has been living with Miss since she was a child. She has nothing but Miss. She knew that the young lady had ideas and courage, and no matter what she did, she was willing to follow. Feng Qing frowned slightly and looked at Hu Lan for a long time without speaking. Miss, don't let me go. Lake Blue looked at the cold and charming woman in front of him with misty eyes and begged. After hesitating for a long time, he slowly opened his lips and whispered, "I will leave Fengfu and Anyang City." Lake blue is slightly stupefied, say firmly subsequently: "Young Lady, I can leave together with you." Although I grew up here, there is nothing to worry about here. May never come back. Feng Qingchi continued. Then don't come back. There was no sign of hesitation on the blue and delicate face of the lake. You may have to follow me around. Because she doesn't know where to go. Then be displaced. Still a firm look, a firm tone. Looking at such a blue lake, Feng Qingzhi could not find any more words, but sighed again, "In that case, you can follow me!" She had a rare mercy in her life, but the other side insisted on it. Thank you, miss. The lake blue finally smiled through tears. Let's go to dinner! Wait for the food to get cold! Feng Qingchi said lightly. When the afterglow of the sunset is completely dispersed, the night is also slowly falling, a few scattered stars appear in the dark night, then more and more, not long, the sky is full of stars, accompanied by not clear moon. Miss, Qiu Yu is outside.
"Lake blue looked at the wind holding the book, eyes flashed the color of exclamation, worthy of her young lady, no matter from which point of view is perfect to pick out a flaw.". Feng Qingchi put down the book in his hand and raised his eyes carelessly. "Let him in." The lake blue walked out of the room, stood outside and Qiuyu said something, Qiuyu then entered the room. Miss Wu. Qiu Yu called out respectfully, and his voice was warm. Feng Qing got up, took a pale jade box from the book case beside him, and threw it to him, "This is what you want." Qiu Yu Wei Leng, eyes with the color of surprise, five Miss only said to let him come to her tonight, did not expect to really help him get things. Someone in his family was seriously ill and needed a thousand-year-old red lotus as a medicine. Not long ago, he found out that Feng Fu had got one by chance. He intended to buy it at a high price, but Meng Huayan was unwilling. He had no choice but to sneak into Feng Fu to find out the whereabouts of the red lotus. Miss Wu probably guessed that he had a plan to stay in Fengfu. That day he negotiated with Miss Wu. When he offered a lure and even threatened to follow her all his life, the other party did not agree. He just said that he was willing to make a deal. Miss Wu helped him find the Millennium Red Lotus, and he helped Miss Wu find a few people, and these people had nothing to do with himself. He searched for five days before he found seven men who satisfied him. They were brought to Miss Wu, who picked up only two, a man and a woman. Thinking of this, Qiuyu looked up at the incomparable Feng Qingzhi in front of him,cosmetic tube, and sighed in his heart. She was the five young ladies who had been bullied coldly, and now she was the one who was so unique in the world. He didn't even have time to think about the reasons for these changes. If he wasn't sure that this was five young ladies, he really thought he had been replaced by someone else. emptycosmetictubes.com